Frequently Asked Questions
What is out-of-state (OOS) Medicaid account management?

NHI handles all aspects related to the billing and collection of OOS Medicaid accounts both fee-for-service and managed care. Our services include eligibility verification, authorization notification, provider enrollment, billing/collecting, reporting and appeals processing and much more.

What if we’re already outsourcing to another company?

Most firms that offer OOS Medicaid do so as part of a broad suite of services. This lack of focus is apparent in the results of these other companies. Issues identified include slower payment turnaround, increased denials, more work on your part and so on. NHI specializes and focuses on OOS Medicaid. Clients that have made the switch to NHI will readily attest to the dramatic improvement.

We handle OOS Medicaid “in-house”, why use NHI?

OOS Medicaid represents a very small portion of your overall accounts receivable, however due to the complexities of each state Medicaid program these accounts require an extraordinary amount of your administrative resources to collect. We specialize in handling all aspects of the OOS Medicaid account process. It is through this process that we save you time and money collecting this difficult group of accounts.

Does NHI handle OOS Medicaid managed care claims?

Yes, NHI handles all OOS Medicaid claims including fee for service and managed care claims. In fact with the vast number of Medicaid MCOs and the wide variety of rules used by these programs it is even more important to use NHI.

How can I verify eligibility?

Eligibility is easily verified on our website and requests can be submitted 24/7. While the process is designed to be efficient and user-friendly, training is available upon request.

Do you accept electronic files?

Absolutely, our clients can send information electronically or via paper whichever is easier for the client. For our larger clients, we even access their HIS system to pull and post data.

Does NHI offer reports tracking account status?

Yes, NHI offers a wide variety of standard reports to our clients. These reports are available in both print and electronic media. Reports not only track account status, but time to pay, aging, percent recovery, YTD submissions, aging by account status code and the list goes on.

Can I check patient account status on-line?

Yes, 24x7 via our secure website. In addition many reports and other features are available on our secure website.

Is there a minimum number of accounts or minimum account balance?

No. We will work with you on maximizing your recovery and minimizing your cost to collect.

Besides the contingency fee are there any other fees?

No. We charge you a small fee based on the successful collection of an OOS Medicaid account and that’s it!

How do we begin using NHI?

Complete a very simple bit of paperwork and then start sending us claims. It is that easy!